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Rumely Oil Pull Model W (1929)

Rumely Type W

In 1928, Advance – Rumley  slightly modified and uprated the Light Weight series of tractors . The Model  L was transformed into the Model W.

The Model W featured a two cylinder engine with 5 13/16 inch bore and 7 stroke running at 850 rpm. Other than the increase in engine speed, most other details of the Model W remained identical to the Model L. One very noticeable difference however is that the coolant expansion tank was relocated to a location just above the radiator and in front of the exhaust stack. There was force feed lubrication to the engine combined with splash lubrication in the bottom of the crankcase. A Manzel lubricator fed oil to the force feed lubrication system. The engine was equipped with a DU4 Bosch magneto, Donaldson air cleaner and a Seccor-Higgins carburetor. The Type L was rated at 15-25. Many of the details of the Model L were identical to the Model M

The transmission offered 3 speeds ahead and one in reverse.

The Model L also featured a spring mounted front axle for better ride and operation

Total weight of the Model L was 6,776 pounds.

The Model W in the Museum collection has a serial number of 2981 making the tractor built in 1929.

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