Tours & Custom Programs

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum offers tours and custom programming to groups and individual visitors. Tours and programs are built based on time on site, abilities and interests of the group. If you are interested in our opportunities, please contact the office to discuss contents and pricing!

Examples of programming offered:

  • Tractor Sheds guided tour, including History of Farm Power exhibit
  • Rare tractor guided tour
  • Homesteaders’ Village guided tour
  • Day long programming for visitors with vision loss, including Homesteaders’ Village Tour and hands-on activities
  • Half-day hands-on activities in the Homesteaders’ Village

Hands-on activities offered depend on staff and volunteer availability and include:

  • laundry activity,
  • candle making,
  • pioneer baking,
  • butter making,
  • one-classroom school activity and dip pen writing,
  • general store bartering,
  • blacksmith demonstration,
  • wool spinning.