The Manitoba Agricultural Museum is a charitable organization and gratefully welcomes donations, both financial or in-kind.

Tax receipts can be issued for financial and in-kind donations to the museum and follow the Canada Revenue Agency regulations.

Financial and In-Kind Donations

The Museum accepts financial donations to support museum operations or specific museum projects. They can also support one of the 4 museum endowment funds: Manitoba Heritage Trust Program fund, Arts Stabilization Fund, Artifacts Fund and the General Museum Fund.

The Museum also welcomes in-kind donations, including artifact donations, supplies, equipment and more!

Please contact the museum office at or 204-637-2354 for donations.

Manitoba Heritage Trust Program Campaign

To support the financial stability of the Manitoba Agricultural Museum, the museum established permanent endowment funds that provide consistent annual funding to support its mission.

The Manitoba Heritage Trust endowment fund supports our efforts to bring Manitoba’s agricultural heritage to life, helping us to maintain museum artifacts that are the feature of events such as the Manitoba Threshermen’s Reunion and Stampede.

Until March 31, 2021, the Province of Manitoba will stretch your gift! For every $2 donation to the Heritage Trust, $1 will be donated by the provincial government! 

Or contact the museum office.

Manitoba Heritage Trust Program Partners:

St. Saviour's Church

St. Saviour’s Church Roof Restoration Campaign

Whether it is used for events, weddings, school programs, the St. Saviour’s Church is a staple of our museum. In 2019, a new roof was installed to continue preserving this designated historical building for future generations. Thank you to all the donors who contributed to this restoration campaign!

Goal: $15,750 
Raised: $15,750

Please contact the museum office for donations.

Heritage Harvest Growing Project

Since 2017 the museum and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) have jointly fundraised through the Heritage Harvest Growing Project. Using a 65 acre field owned by the museum, a CFGB committee farms the land with proceeds from the crop shared between the organizations. 

All funds raised are stretched by government programs. The federal government stretches funds provided to CFGB up to 4:1 basis and the Manitoba Government stretches museum funds on a 2:1 basis through the Heritage Trust Program.

Goal: $150,000
Raised: $45,000
Need: $105,000

Please contact the museum office for donations.

Heritage Harvest 2019

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