Permanent Exhibits & Displays

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum is offering to its visitors two unique museum exhibits, a walk through the Homesteader’s Village, and many open storage displays of our artifacts, enabling our guests to walk in the footsteps of the people who shaped agriculture in Manitoba! Come enjoy our one-of-a-kind facility and spend the day experiencing our outdoors spaces, visiting the many exhibits and displays, and enjoying the amenities.

history of transportation
History of Transportation

Community Ties Building
The History of Transportation exhibit will take you through the changes in transportation technology, from the fur trading days to modern times, that permitted the settlement of the province, growth in its economy and improved the lifestyle of the inhabitants.

open barns
History of Farm Power

Tractor Sheds area
The History of Farm Power is located in our tractor sheds and focuses on the technological advancements of farm power, from hand labour, horse powered and steam powered equipment to tractors of the late 1960s.

Homesteaders' village
Homesteaders’ Village

The museum grounds host 26 buildings from 1879 to the 1920’s, originals or reproductions, including log cabins and house as well as churches, trades and public buildings. Walk through this one-street rural town and visit the furnished buildings to immerse yourself in what life for a Homesteader would have been! Make sure to stop by the Carrothers’ House, located amongst the original farm buildings where the family who donated the land for the museum used to live.

Big Roy
Big Roy

Centennial Building
The Versatile 1080 affectionately called  “Big Roy” was built in 1977 as Versatile’s. This unique Manitoba-made giant attracts visitors from all around the world and is currently hosted in the Centennial Building.

Coming Soon:
History of Harvesting
Open storage
Open Air Exhibitions

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum is the host to over 500 pieces of vintage farm equipment. Our visitors can experience this incredible collections through our Open Air Exhibition spaces. Many of the tractors and other pieces of machinery are in working condition and used for demonstrations during special events. They also parade every day during the Manitoba Threshermen’s Reunion & Stampede.

The tractor sheds present rare gas tractors such as the Flour City 30-50 who participated in the Winnipeg Light Agricultural Motor Competition in 1909, a Rumely Model F donated as part of the Jordan threshing outfit donation, and many more including rare Canadian built machines such as the Goold Shapley & Muir Beaver and Gilson Guelph.

The threshing machine sheds present a variety of threshing machines spanning from the early hand-fed units to some of the largest machines used on the prairies.

The steam engine sheds host MAM’s collection of steam engines, 7 of them being in working condition. 

The combine sheds, out of the regular path for visitors due to the size of the artifacts, are certainly of interest to many visitors as well.

Some of our household artifacts not included in the Homesteaders’ Village buildings are presented in the mezzanine of the Centennial Building (access through stairs only).

Other artifacts and pieces of equipment are also visible throughout the grounds.