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Case 10-20

tractors summer

The Case 10-20 design entered production in 1915 and remained in production until 1922. At the time this Case design was introduced,  three wheeled designs were enjoying good success in the market. These designs featured only one rear wheel that was driven with the other rear wheel being an idler. With this arrangement, an expensive differential was not needed. The Case 10-20 was somewhat different as the left rear wheel could be driven when then the tractor was moving forward.

tractors summer

The tractor was equipped with a 4 cylinder vertical engine mounted cross wise on the tractor. The engine was equipped with a high tension magneto with impulse starter, engine cooling was provided by a fan and radiator and engine lubrication was provided by splash lubrication.  The drive train featured a cone clutch inside the belt pulley. This clutch drove a bull gear and pinion final drive. There was just one forward speed (2 MPH). Reverse was accomplished by the use of a separate drive train consisting of a jaw clutch and chain drive.

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