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Rumely Oil Pull Model S

Rumely Type S

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum has two Model S Rumely Light Weight Oil Pull tractors in the collection.

One S has a serial number of 169 making the tractor built in 1924. This tractor was donated by Ab Gowanlock who was born in Glenboro, farmed there for some time and later worked for the Department of Highways at Dauphin, Manitoba. Ab was a fixture at Reunions operating this tractor through the 1960s and 1970s.

Rumely Type S

The collection also includes a later Model S for which the serial number is unknown. This tractor is decalled  as a 40-60 however it is now known this tractor is a Model S 30-60. The tractor also has a spoked flywheel where as the Gowanlock tractor has a disc type flywheel. The shapes of the fuel tank also vary between the two Model S tractors.

In 1924 Advance – Rumley introduced the “Light Weight” line of Oil Pull tractors which featured a pressed steel frame in place of the heavy channel built up channel iron frame. Rumely completely redesigned the engines and transmissions used in the Light Weight line as well. The drive gears were completely enclosed and ran in oil, a big advantage over the exposed gears of the Heavy Weights as dust wore exposed gearing badly. The Light Weights were generally more compact tractors than the preceding Heavy Weight designs particularly the Model E and Model F.

The Model S featured a two cylinder engine with 9 inch bore and 11 in stroke running at 470 rpm. There was force feed lubrication to the engine combined with splash lubrication in the bottom of the crankcase. A Manzel lubricator fed oil to the force feed lubrication system. The engine was equipped with a

DU4 Bosch magneto, Donaldson air cleaner and a Seccor-Higgins Carburator. The transmission offered 3 speeds ahead and one in reverse. The Model S was rated at 30-60. The Model S tractors were built between 1924 and 1928.

Abe Gowanlock was the skip of the 1938 Provincial Men’s Champion curling team and of the 1938 Canadian Men’s Champion curling team. The Ab Gowanlock team, between 1933-1940 won 3 MCA Bonspiel Grand Aggregates and 4 MCA Bonspiel Main Events. The 1938 Ab Gowanlock Men’s Team curled out of the Glenboro Curling Club: and consisted of Ab Gowanlock – Skip, Elwyn “Bung” Cartmell – Third,  Bill McKnight – Second, E.R. “Tom” McKnight – Lead.

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