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Rumely Oil Pull Model K (1921)

Rumely Model K

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum’s collection includes a Model K Oil Pull Tractor. The Model K was the smallest of the various models of Heavy Weight Oil Pull Tractors.

7284 Model Ks were built during a production run that occurred between 1918 and 1924.

The model K was powered with a two cylinder engine with a 6 inch bore and 8 inch stroke. As with all Rumley Oil Pulls the engine was cooled with oil circulated by a pump. The radiator was cooled by an exhaust induced draft. The carburetor was  a Seccor-Higgins which automatically metered the amount of water mixed into the kerosene fuel to prevent pre-detonation. A Bosch DU2 magneto was standard on the tractor. The transmission offered two speeds ahead and one speed in reverse. The model K weighed 6.430 pounds. The Model K featured a frame built of heavy channel iron riveted together.

The Model K in the Museum’s collection has a serial number of 17927 making the tractor built in 1921.

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