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Rumely Model G 20-40 Oil Pull (August Eliason)

Eliason Rumely

The Museum collection contains a Model G Rumely which was donated to the Museum from the August Eliason estate by Magnus Eliason. August was born in 1904 to parents who had immigrated to North America from Iceland. After a stay in the United States, they moved to a farm near Arnes, Manitoba, north of Gimli. August farmed for a time and then moved to Gimli where he operated a blacksmith and welding shop. When he retired he moved back to the farm where he restored farm machinery. This machinery was later donated to the Museum.

Magnus, his youngest brother, was the founding member of the Commonwealth Cooperative Federation and a Winnipeg City Councilor for a number of years.
The Rumley Model G was in production from 1918 to 1924 and a total of 7,949 Model Gs were produced by Rumely. The Eliason G has a serial number of 2229.

The G weighed 11,000 pounds and featured a two cylinder engine with an 8 inch bore and 10 inch stroke. The engine operated at 450 RPM. As with other Rumely designs the cooling system employed oil and the exhaust was ducted into the top of the cooling radiator. As the exhaust gases escaped upwards, air was drawn along with the gas and in doing so was drawn through the radiator so cooling the oil.

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