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Massey Harris Model 33 Tractor

The Model 33 replaced the Model 30 in 1953. It appears that Massey Harris replaced the engine model used in the Model 30 with a Continental four cylinder engine with 201 cubic inch displacement. The previous continental engine only displaced 162 cubic inches. The engine was offered in gas and distillate versions. Rest of the tractor was essentially the same as a Model 30 however hydraulics, a three point hitch and a live PTO were offered as options in the Model 33. Fenders, electric start and lights were standard. The Model 33 came in standard tread and row crop configurations.

Continental also offered a diesel version of the engine used in the Model 33 and a few diesel Model 33s were built making a diesel 33 a very rare tractor.

Massey Harris Model 33
Massey Harris Model 33

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