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Massey Harris Model 30

Massey Harris Model 30
Massey Harris Model 30

The Model 30 replaced the Massey Harris 101 Junior in the tractor lineup in 1946. The Model 30 retained the four cylinder, 162 cubic inch displacement Continental engine model that was used in the Junior 101 and the Twin Power feature, however the rest of the design was brand new.  A new transmission design featured 5 speeds with speeds ranging from 2.5 miles per hour to 13.5 miles per hour.  The tractor could be ordered in standard tread or row crop configuration.

The Continental engine could be set to burn either gas or distillate. The tractor was rated at 21 horsepower at the drawbar and 30 horsepower on the belt when burning gas. The Model 30 was Massey Harris’s three plow tractor in this period.

In a production run that lasted between 1946 and 1953, approximately 30,000 Model 30s were built making the Model 30 second in popularity to the Model 44.

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum has a standard tread Model 30 in the collection.

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