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IHC 15-30 Titan (1916)

IHC Titan 15-30 Tractor

1914 was a big year for IHC in regards to tractors. Along with the Titan 10-20 and Mogul 8-16 2 plow tractor designs, IHC also introduced the Titan 12-25 4 cylinder tractor. This design was  revised in 1915 with a more powerful over head valve engine and became the Titan 15-30.

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum’s collection contains a Titan 15-30. The serial number on this tractor is TS393, making this tractor built in 1916.

The Titan 15-30 presented a modern appearance with an automotive type radiator  and cooling fan along with a cab, abet one that was open to the air!  The tractor was equipped with a 4 cylinder overhead valve engine equipped with a mechanical oiler with feeds to all pistons and connecting rod bearings, a high tension magneto and a fuel / air mixer (carburetor) with four fuel needle valves and one water needle valve. The tractor was equipped with a spur gear transmission with two forward speeds and one speed in reverse. The rear axle was “dead” with a double chain drive  to the rear wheels. The Titan 10-20 used the same type of axle design.

1,814 of the Titan 15-30 were built before the name was changed to International 15-30 in 1918 as IHC phased out the Mogul and Titan names in that year.  3,911 International 15-30s were built before production of the design was ended in late 1921.

Oddly, some photos indicate that some Titan 15-30s were built with what appears to be a tank type radiator in place of the automotive radiator and cooling fan.

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