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IHC 10-20 Titan (1914)

IHC 10-20 Titan Tractor

The International Harvester Corporation (IHC) developed two small 2 plow tractors in 1914. The Mogul 8-16 tractor using a single cylinder engine and the 10-20 Titan. These tractors were a major departure in design philosophy from the large Prairie style tractors that IHC had previously manufactured. The 2 plow tractors were significantly smaller and lighter.

The 1914 Titan used a twin cylinder kerosene burning engine operating at 500 RPM to generate 20 horsepower on the belt and 10 horsepower at the drawbar. The engine utilized a K-W high tension magneto, lubrication by a six feed mechanical oiler and thermosyphon cooling. The carburetor automatically supplied water to the the fuel mixture in response to the fuel being used in order to prevent pre-detonation of the fuel mixture in the cylinders. The tractor featured a transmission offering two speeds ahead and a one speed reverse. The transmission drove the rear wheels through a chain drive and the rear wheels turned on a dead axle.

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