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IHC 10-20 Mogul (Grobb)

IHC 10-20 Mogul

One of the early donations to the Manitoba Agricultural Museum is a 10-20 Mogul tractor built by the International Harvester Corporation. The tractor was purchased in 1918 for $800 in 1918 by A.A. Grobb. The tractor was donated to the Museum in 1953 and later rebuilt by Ed Grobb in 1953. While on the Grobb farm near Treherne, Manitoba, it was used to plow, thresh and for grain crushing.

The Mogul 10-20 was based upon the Mogul 8-16 which had been introduced in 1914. The Mogul 8-16 featured a single cylinder horizontal engine operating at 400 RPM, make and break ignition, a planetary gear transmission with one speed ahead and one speed reverse and a single chain final drive to a sprocket encircling a differential in the rear left wheel.

To produce the 10-20, IHC increased the engine bore of the 8-16 by 1/2 inch and also added a second forward speed to the transmission. 10-20 was built from 1916 to 1919 with 8,985 10-20s being built during the production run.

The Mogul 10-20 and 8-16 designs were very successful tractors for IHC given the number of these tractors that were sold. Their close cousin, the Titan 10-20, also sold in large numbers. IHC has certainly read the market right when the company developed the two plow tractor designs in the form of the Mogul 8-16 and Titan 10-20.

IHC built these designs in two separate tractor plants. The Mogul line of tractors was built in IHC’s Chicago plant and the Titan line was built in IHC’s Milwaukee plant.

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