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Grey 18-36 (1923)

grey 18-36

The Grey tractor in the Museum collection is an 18-36 model built in 1923. The tractor was donated to the Museum by A.P. Fraser of Ingelow, Manitoba.

The 18-36 model possessed a Waukesha 4 cylinder vertical engine with cylinders cast in pairs and mounted crosswise; the ignition system featured a K.W. high tension magneto; the cooling system consisted of a radiator and coolant pump; engine lubrication was by a constant level splash and circulation oiling system; sliding gear transmission; enclosed chain final drive forward speed  2 to 2 ½ MPH. A self steering device could be ordered from the factory and mounted on front axle.  Electric starting and lighting equipment were further factory options.

The single drive drum did away with the need for an expensive differential. While drive drum worked well in sand it posed problems in turning. The drum had the effect of making the tractor wanting to go straight even if the steering wheels were attempting to turn the tractor.

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