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Electric Wheel All Work (1922)

electric wheel all work

The Museum has an Electric Wheel All Work tractor in the collection.

The tractor is a 1922 model and was donated to the Museum by Mr. George C. Cox of Beresford in 1958.

The Electric Wheel All Work tractor was rated at 14-28 hp and featured a 4 cylinder vertical engine mounted cross wise, engine lubrication as by combination splash and force feed, an automotive type cooling system, high tension magneto ignition a sliding gear transmission with 1¼ and 21/2 mph ahead with one reverse and bull gear and pinion final drive.

The Electric Wheel Co. was founded in 1890 to manufacture steel wheels for farm implements. Electric Wheel Co. began building a traction truck in 1908. A traction trucks were somewhat common from 1899 to about 1910 and were a frame with wheels and drive that a farmer could mount his own engine on and so make a tractor. A number of makers seem to have offered trucks.

Electric Wheel Tractor production began in 1911 with the Quincy Model O. The Allwork design was launched in 1913 with several models produced over the next 15 years. Electric Wheel also produced track-style equipment for about three years. The company ended tractor manufacture in 1929. The company continued on manufacturing wheels however.
Electric Wheel Co. was acquired by the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in 1957.
George White and Sons sold Electric Wheel All Work tractors in Canada for a period of time.

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