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Eagle Model F 12-22

Eagle Tractor

The Museum collection houses an Eagle Model F 12-22 tractor.

The Model F entered production in 1916 and featured a two cylinder engine running at 450 RPM, a Pickering governor, Schebler carburator and Dixie H.T. magneto with impulse starter. Cooling was by radiator mounted facing to the side with a fan and centrifugal circulation pump. The tractor ran on either gas or kerosene. The clutch featured expanding wooden shoes pushing out against the inner rim of the belt pulley.

The Model F was produced by the Eagle Manufacturing Company of Appleton, Wisconsin. The company was formed in 1888 and began manufacturing silom fillers and other farm implements. By 1899 the company had begun production of a stationary gas engine and by 1905 they had began experimenting on tractor designs. Eagle seems to have produced a number of different tractor models featuring 2 and 4 cylinder engines. By 1916 the Model F had appeared. Eagle persisted with 2 cylinder tractors until 1930. By then the Model F was out of production but the Eagle tractors still featured  2 cylinder engines and the same general construction as the Model F.

In 1930 Eagle introduced the Eagle 6A tractor, very similar to a Rumely 6. This tractor was considerably updated from previous models and presented a very modern appearance for 1930. As with the Rumely, the Eagle featured a 6 cylinder engine. As production of this tractor wore on, updates were made and the 6B and then the 6C appeared. Eagle ceased production in 1938.

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