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Grist Mill

Grist mill

This is a reproduction of the grist mill which contains original grindstones cut from prairie granite by Oper Hykaway of the Meleb District in the Interlake region of Manitoba.

The upper storey contains a French grain cleaner. Grain was elevated to the second storey, cleaned and dropped into the flour mill on the first floor for milling.

Milling extends back to the earliest days of settlement in Manitoba, where the farmer took his flour to a mill in order to have grist produced. In the initial pioneer stages, settlers ground their own flour on mill stones or the settler ground flour by hand.

In return for his services, the miller accepted a wide variety of payment extending from a share of the flour ground to pigs, chickens, other assorted foodstuffs or anything else of value such as firewood. Firewood was needed for heating in the winters during the pioneer era.

The grist mill is operational during Reunion.

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