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Gaar Scott 25-75 Twin (1910)

Gaarscott parade

Gaar Scott 25-75 Twin

Year: 1910
Model: 25-75 twin cylinder
Manufacturer: Gaar Scott & Co
Serial # 5493
Boiler Serial #
Donated By: the Jones family of Tilston, MB
Common Engineers today: Mike Hawkins, Lynn Tuttle, Jim Kingdon.

Interesting Facts:

  • built in Richmond, Indiana.
  • This engine spent a lot of time plowing…when it arrived, the gears were so worn out the operators used to back the engine up all the way from the sawmill to the engine shed!
  • Lots of great stories of Don Milne getting up early to bring the engine down from the shed to the sawmill. He did this early so that he could sneak the engine down in reverse.
  • After coming to the Museum, the Gaar Scott spent a lot of time on the sawmill, which is where you will find it through out the days of the Threshermen’s Reunion.
  • Was one of the original 4 steam engines that were on the grounds when the Manitoba Agricultural Museum was incorporated.

Gaar-Scott and Company was formed when a gentleman by the name of Scott became a partner in the A. Gaar Company which had previously purchased the Spring Foundry of Richmond, Indiana. The company built a line of steam engines, threshing machines and saw mills. The company used as a trademark an image of a tiger astride two hemispheres and engine line became known as the “Tiger Line” as a consequence. Gaar-Scott built simple and compound  steam engines in sizes from 10 to 40 horsepower.

Gaar-Scott along with the Advance Thresher Company, Northwest Thresher Company and the American Able Company of Toronto was purchased by the M. Rumely Company in 1912. Rumely then reorganized itself as the Advance Rumely Company. Rumely rationalized its product line and Gaar-Scott faded into history. Advance Rumely fell on hard times during the 1930s and was purchased by the Allis-Chalmers company in 1931.

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