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Case 50HP (1914-1915)

Year: 1914 or 1915
Model: 50hp
Manufacturer: Case
Serial # 33192
Boiler Serial #
Donated By: In Memory of Albert Bernie in Spring of 68

  • Common operators today: Garrett Bodie
    Glenn Bodie
  • This is a 18-50 Case engine, manufactured on Nov 15th, 1915 in Racine Wisconsin by JI Case company
  • Donated to the Museum in memory of Albert Bernie of Angusville who used to run the 110 Case. Albert Bernie passed away in 1964 in a hunting accident
  • This engine was dedicated in memory of Mr. Fred Jones, a long time steam operator, who passed on in 2005
case cooking

A couple of special features:

  • Brand new, this engine would have cost $1600-1755
  • The engine has a top speed of 2.3 mph
  • Used at the museum for the daily tug-o-war competition
  • Engineers liked to cook inside the firebox/smokebox during the day. Apparently cooking bacon and eggs on a shovel held into the firebox was somewhat common. A dutch oven could be used to cook stews and so on in it when the oven was placed in the smoke box. The lid on the dutch oven would keep cinders and smoke from contaminating the food.
  • The engine underwent a mechanical and extensive cosmetic restoration in the winter of 2018-2019, with new bunkers and a new drawbar as well as a new paint.
case cooking

J.I. Case was a very early manufacturer of farm equipment. Jerome Case established a company to  manufacture a small hand powered threshing machine in 1842. The company went on to become a leading manufacturer of threshing machines.  By 1869, J.I. Case had begun the manufacture of steam engines.  J.I. Case went on to manufacture over 30,000 steam engines with production of these machines by Case ending in 1927.  J.I. Case manufactured a wide range of farm equipment such as threshing machines, binders, hay rakes, seed drills, plows, buggies, water tanks and so on. With the advent of internal combustion engines the company began to manufacture kerosene tractors and later gas tractors. J.I. Case even manufactured an automobile for a period of time.

18-50 jones plowing

J.I. Case still exists today as CaseIH which is part of the CNH Global N.V.

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