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Eagle Model F 12-22

The Museum collection houses an Eagle Model F 12-22 tractor. The Model F entered production in 1916 and featured a two cylinder engine running at 450 RPM, a Pickering governor, Schebler carburator and Dixie H.T. magneto with impulse starter. Cooling was by radiator mounted facing to the side with a fan and centrifugal circulation pump. The…

Eagle Tractor
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    Draw Date WinnerName WinningAmount 1 February Barb Grift $150 2 February Claude Grenier $25 3 February Frank Pubben $35 4 February Dawn Vandersteen $75 5 February Donna Christison $25 6 February Rosalie Beamish $25 7 February Cathy Christoffersen $50 8 February Yves Grenier $25 9 February Karla Mitchell $30 10 February Robert Grenier $50 11…

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