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Oakview Gift ShopThe Museum currently has a great selection of DVDs for sale at Oakview, our gift shop.  All prices are specified in Canadian funds. When ordering videos, we can process by cheque (will be shipped 3 weeks after the cheque is cashed) or by money order or credit card. There is a shipping fee of $10.00 per DVD. Cheques must be made payable to the Manitoba Agricultural Museum.  Please contact the Museum if more information is needed. The videos are:


Preserving the Past (120 minutes)

2013-07-07 21.23.04This is the first video that presents a complete documentary of the Manitoba Agricultural Museum located at Austin, Manitoba.  Virtually every main event, activity, and display was covered during the four days of the annual Threshermen’s Reunion & Stampede held at the Museum.  This includes a tour of every buildings in the Homesteaders’ Village, Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum, Heritage Building, miniature and full-size gas and steam engines, plowing, threshing and sawmill demonstrations, Central Canada’s Fiddler’s Festival and Square Dancing, Professional Rodeo, bag and sheaf tying, stoking and threshing contests, and much more. Listen to interviews with dozens of volunteers, Museum staff, participants, engineers an visitors as they describe their involvement with the Threshermen’s Reunion. This program was produced using broadcast-quality video equipment. This full-colour production is packed with two hours of viewing that is a pleasure to watch. For those who have attended the Austin Threshermen’s Reunion this video will be a great keepsake and remembrance of your visit. For those who have never attended the Reunion, this video is the next best thing to being there. $35.00.


2013-07-07 21.25.22Austin on Parade (100 minutes)

The daily vintage parade held during the annual Threshermen’s Reunion & Stampede at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum near Austin, Manitoba is considered by many to be the largest parade of its kind anywhere in the world.  The 2008 parade was recorded using high definition video equipment at three different prime locations on the Museum grounds. See the parade everyone is talking about and you will understand why so many people drive hundreds of miles to enjoy the sights and sounds of these agricultural antiques. Enjoy additional behind-the-scenes footage of equipment lining up just prior to the grandstand parade, plus a view of the parade along the very scenic ‘back forty’ giving you a ‘second look’ at the parade from various locations that most people do not see. $30.00


2013-07-07 21.20.22John Deere – Restored With Pride (120 minutes)

One of the biggest collections of vintage John Deere farm equipment was assembled at a recent Threshermen’s Reunion & Stampede at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum, held annually on the grounds of the Manitoba Agricultural Museum. This entertaining and nostalgic view of classic John Deere equipment is brought to life with the sights and sounds of countless operating tractors, the giant John Deere parade and dozens of interviews with people who have a genuine love for their “faithful John Deere”. Highlights of this video include a close look at what was said to be one of the largest collection of vintage John Deere farm machinery ever assembled in Canada! Mammoth John Deere Exposition parade; candid interviews with dozens of John Deere restoration enthusiasts; see and hear details about the world’s oldest restored John Deere tractor in existence today!; see hundreds of JD toys and miniature working models; watch a variety of JD horse-drawn plows in field action; view an operating John Deere threshing machine. This video is a must for anyone who has ever owned or operated John Deere farm equipment. From grandchildren to grandparents, this truly enjoyable and educational program will stimulate your desire to learn more about our agricultural heritage. See why after more than 15 years, the name ‘John Deere’ has been, and continues to be, a leading name in the world of agriculture.  $35.00

2013-07-07 19.33.40Stationary…But Still Running (120 minutes)

Every farm had them … It wasn’t all that many years ago that small stationary gas engines were used extensively on most farms across the prairies. From pumping water to grinding chop, from sawing wood to running generators and cream separators, small stationary engines worked relentlessly … sometimes round the clock! Remember the small Maytag gas engines? Women either loved them or cursed them! Did you know that the “Manitoba Upright” engine was built in Brandon? Ever hear of the Woodpecker engine? Large stationary engines were used in flour mills, elevators and factories. Names like MacLeod, Novo, Emerson, Titan, Lister, Fuller and Johnson, Case, John Deere, International-Harvester, Ruston and Hornsby, and others were commonplace. This program takes a close and detailed look at all the above-mentioned stationary engines plus many more. See a rare 1899 Fairbanks Morse engine, as well as stationary steam engines and a multitude of other vintage engines all in working condition. Learn from dozens of in-depth interviews with the people who operate and restore these engines and find out how, in some cases, they had to build and manufacture various missing and broken parts. We know of no other program that features this many operating antique stationary engines of all sizes. See rare and unique engines brought to life by present-day enthusiasts who have become historians in their own right. Take a trip down memory land and enjoy an often overlooked part of our heritage … the Stationary Engine. $35.00

2013-07-07 22.42.32Prairie Giants: A Nostalgic Look At The Steam Traction Engine (105 minutes)

Hear stories from engineers, see operating threshing machines, full size and miniature steam engines with music and narration. Would you like to journey back in time to see some of the ways our ancestors farmed this vast land? In the early 1900s, massive steam-powered traction engines silently roamed the prairie landscape. It was the farmers’ way of replacing ‘horsepower’ with  ‘steam power’. Our journey will focus on several of the steam traction engines, both large and small. We’ll talk to the engineers who tell first hand about how they restored a full-sized Case or how they handmade a miniature model. An actual threshing gang working with a steam engine on a Manitoba farm is featured. Authentic photos of operating steam engines from the early 1900s, as well as a couple of specially written poems makes this production truly unique. $35.00

2013-07-07 19.36.22The Allis/Rumely Story (127 minutes)

Step back in time … and take a nostalgic look at a line of antique tractors and farm implements which began well over 100 years ago. Rumely, Garr Scott, New Giant, Allis Chalmers, Gleaner and other agricultural equipment from this family are highlighted in this program. See field plowing action  with giant oil pull and steam traction engines. Listen to experienced operators as they demonstrate how their steam and gas engines run the saw mill and threshing machines. Several rare tractors along with combines and balers are explained in full detail. Enjoy a ring-side seat at the giant vintage parade featuring the Rumely and Allis Chalmers exposition. Take a journey down memory lane. The sights and sounds of these restored antiques will entertain and educate young and old. $35.00

2013-07-07 19.41.43The Long White Line (160 minutes)

Present-day AGCO Allis has a long and rich history. Starting with Hart Parr, almost a dozen farm machinery companies have changed hands throughout the years. Learn the history of AGCO WHITE. This program includes interviews with 30 restoration enthusiasts who give us a close look at their antique farm machinery. See three different operating Nichols and Shepard steam engines and learn how they operate. Enjoy close-up views and detailed descriptions of such tractors as Hart Parr, Oliver, Cockshutt and Minneapolis Moline … all fully restored and operational. Watch a vintage three-wheeled “General” as it makes a series of power turns. See a rare 1914 Minneapolis 20-40; reputed to be the only such engine still operating in North America! Hear first-hand stories from the past about what it was like farming with these antiques. Learn from “The Minneapolis Man’, (as the locals call him), as he describes his rare combine, corn husker, wire-tie baler and other unique tractors. See a remarkable collection of original books, pins and souvenirs of White memorabilia as well as an exceptional collection of hand-made toy and miniatures. There’s so much to include that this is a two DVD set. $35.00

2013-07-07 19.25.22Miniature Land (123 minutes)

Treat yourself …. to a truly fascinating look at the world of miniature vintage farm machinery. Learn from the builders how they hand-craft these miniature masterpieces. Most of these small-scale engines and tractors run on gas or steam power. While some are small enough to fit in your hand and transport a mouse, others are large enough to carry people! Dozens of fully operational machines are featured and are all described in full detail by their owners. Many engines are truly unique and definitely “one-of-a-kind” like the only working model of the Sageng Threshing Machine. Take a close look at the only working model of the rare Manitoba Universal tractor. There’s no other program that highlights such a wide variety of working miniatures. Whether you’re from the city, town or country, whether you’re young or old, you’ll want to see this video over and over again. It’s entertaining, fascinating to watch and very educational. $35.00

2013-07-07 21.14.38Vintage Vehicles (115 minutes)

Seven years in the making? That statement might seem unlikely, but it’s true! All the footage used in this production was archived over the years for the sole purpose of making this program. This video features three major car and truck expositions held at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum between 1991 and 1997.  Treat yourself to three huge vintage parades, dozens of interviews and nostalgic music. From the “tin lizzy” of the early 1900s, to the muscle cars of the 1970s, it’s all here for your viewing pleasure. See trucks and cars of all shapes and sizes made by Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. If you like antique cars and trucks, this is the show for you! Sit back, enjoy and pretend you’re in the driver’s seat! Featuring Ford Expo 1991, GM Expo 1993 and Chrysler Expo 1997; vintage parades, dozens of interviews and nostalgic music. $35.00

2013-07-07 19.30.09Keeping the Memories Alive, Steam Threshing and Steam Plowing (90 minutes)

Learn how our ancestors farmed the prairies.  See authentic action of the binder stooking, horse-drawn racks.  Steam powered threshing machine and field-scale steam plowing. Relive the memories … and step back in time as you watch a full-scale re-enactment of steam threshing and steam plowing on the Jack Beamish farm near Hamiota, MB. A dedicated group of antique enthusiasts fire up several steam engines including the massive Case 110. One of the highlights is something few have seen … the “night run” when steamer, threshing machine and crew travel across the fields at night to get to the next farm for work the following morning. Birtle, MB, is the setting at the near-by farm of Locki Fulton where Locki, the late Henry Stewart and many friends demonstrate cutting a field of grain with a binder and then stook the entire field by hand! Watch horse-drawn racks pick up the stooks and head to the threshing machine. Enjoy interviews and hear real-life stories from the pioneers who once farmed this way. If you like steam engines, plowing and threshing, this is the program for you. It’s educational, entertaining and truly nostalgic.  $35.00

2013-07-07 19.44.12Red Power International (160 minutes)

Bring back the memories … Austin, Manitoba was the site of the largest vintage agricultural exposition every held at the Manitoba Threshermen’s Reunion when the main feature was International Harvester farm equipment. This video is a documentary of that event. See hundreds of fully restored and operating antique farm tractors, threshing machines, stationary engines and trucks … all under the name “INTERNATIONAL”. Enjoy interviews with dozens of restoration enthusiasts. See detailed views of their tractors along with field action of plowing and threshing demonstrations. Take a ride in a rare 1907 International motorized buggy. Learn how the rare Mogul and Titan tractors operate. Never have you seen a “Sea of Red” like this one! Entertaining, educational and fun to watch! $35.00


2013-07-07 19.02.20The World’s Largest Plow (73 minutes)

A massive plow spanning 78 feet was successfully pulled by century-old tractors at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum at Austin, MB. It was a grand finale for the annual Threshermen’s Reunion. Organizers were thrilled to break the world record two times on the same afternoon. The first record was the largest plow pulled by five huge antique Rumely Model E 30-60 tractors. The second record was the largest plow pulled by a single modern four-wheel drive New Holland T9060 tractor. The plow itself was comprised of seven separate Canadian-built Cockshutt plows connected to a hitch specially designed by Erron Leafloor who, like all the other enthusiasts involved, volunteered his time and talents towards this event. The project, nearly three years in the planning, required complete restoration of the plows and the operators of the 100 year old tractors had to be certain everything was in perfect running order. This video is the only complete documentary of this historic event. See behind the scenes preparations and interviews with those who were involved and watch each of the pulls from start to finish!

 2013-07-07 19.19.30Massey Machines (142 minutes)

Pony, Mustang, Pacemaker, 22, 25, 44, 81, 95, 101 Jr., 102 Sr. If these names and numbers mean something to you, this is the video for you. And there’s more … a rare Wallis tractor and a fully operational L>D> Sawyer stationary engine are also featured along with a Massey cream separator and miniature Sawyer Massey steam engine. Massey originated in Canada. The Massey name and agricultural on the Canadian prairies have a long and rich history. Learn the details about how this equipment was restored to like-new condition. See the huge Massey expo parade, plowing and threshing with Massey equipment and take a close look at dozens of Massey gas and steam engines.



2013-07-07 19.39.25Oddballs, Orphans and One-of-a-Kind (136 minutes)

Lost in Time … The Manitoba Agricultural Museum is home to dozens of pieces of antique farm equipment that would have been lost in time and gone forever. Fortunately, they do have a good home at the Museum, and this video features many of those tractors that are very rare. They could be called “Oddballs and Orphans”. Some come from private collections, are totally home made and truly a work of art from both a mechanical and aesthetic standpoint. Others are restored Museum pieces that are enjoying a new lease on life. Learn about the Emerson Brantingham and Manitoba Universal tractors that are fully restored and in perfect running order. Enjoy in depth interviews with enthusiasts as they describe rare equipment like the Leader, Townsend and Reeves. See a remarkable collection of other machines as they parade through the grounds at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum. See a working horse press also known as a horse-powered wire baler. Watch nine mules on a plow! And so much more! Feature in this program is the huge BIG ROY, the only tractor like it in the world!

2013-07-07 19.22.27My Old Friend Case (158 minutes)

Case … the name says it all. And it seems every farmer knows that name and what it stands for. The superb vintage CASE equipment featured in this video is a testament to the strength, endurance and dependability of virtually everything built by the CASE company. See a huge cross section of operating steam and gas tractors, miniatures and even a rare CASE car! Enjoy over 30 interviews with both old timers and young enthusiasts alike. See first-hand how these machines handle field plowing, threshing, the saw mill and the formidable dynamometer horse power test. Take a close look at a fully operational 1880 CASE stationary steam engine and much more. See what few people have witnessed … a night time “park show” fueled by a CASE steam engine. Learn the history of the company during the special vintage CASE parade featuring over 100 pieces of equipment. There’s no doubt … CASE has stood the test of time!

2013-07-07 21.28.27VERSATILE Made in Canada – eh!  (90 minutes)

VERSATILE Manufacturing Ltd. based in Manitoba, Canada, was the first company to mass-produce articulated four-wheel drive tractors. Big Roy was the most famous of all and is still considered to be the largest tractor ever built. The company also produced augers, swathers and combines. This video includes several interviews and features a variety of Versatile farm equipment including dozens of miniatures and a home-made replica lawn tractor as well as a close look at the very impressive full size tractors many of which are still in use today. Learn about the history of Versatile.



2013-07-07 19.27.58Celebrating the Harvest  (114 minutes)

See how pioneers harvested the crops back in the days of threshing machines, horse-drawn binders, stooks and wagons. Enjoy interviews with those involved in the 2006 Harvest Expo and see the special vintage harvest equipment parade. View the competition between the gas and steam engine threshing outfits as crews race their horse-drawn wagons to see who will be the first to put their load of sheaves through the threshing machine. There’s lots of harvesting action with equipment that hasn’t been seen on the prairie landscape for many decades.




2013-07-07 19.16.22Gathering of the Giants  (114 minutes)

The sound will vibrate your chest … But that’s normal when you stand near one of these oil-cooled tractor giants that once were common on the Canadian Prairies. Today, most have become silent relics of the past, except for those brought back to life at events such as the Rumely Expo featured at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum. This two hour documentary highlights a variety of Rumely equipment demonstrated at the show with emphasis on the huge Rumely Model E 30-60. Many other Rumely tractors, both gas and steam, are also featured. Enjoy field action plowing and threshing as well as the operating saw mill, all run by various pieces of vintage Rumely equipment. Several restoration enthusiasts were interviewed. Marvel as they share their personal stories and knowledge about their tractors. Learn about the history of the Rumely company. View dozens of rare pieces of machinery during the Rumely Expo parade, many of which were brought in from various parts of the country. Many considered this Expo to be the largest gathering of vintage Rumely equipment in recent Canadian history!

2013-07-07 21.17.08From Steel to Rubber  (156 minutes)

John Deere … There’s no doubt … the name says it all. It’s more than just tradition! For nearly 200 years, the name John Deere has been associated with farm machinery throughout North America and across the world. In 2002, the main feature at the annual Austin Threshermen’s Reunion was John Deere, and that show was a huge success! This video is based on that event. Take a close look at dozens of vintage John Deere tractors. See threshing and field plowing using all John Deere equipment. Be amazed at how the Lanz Bulldog tractor is started using the flame from a torch! View a rare and fully operational JD corn shredder. This extended length video features several in-depth interviews with the people who restore and thoroughly enjoy the “Long Green Line”. They don’t mind having a yellow and green streak up their back! Learn from the experts and prepare to be entertained.

2013-07-07 19.12.29Bringing in the Sheaves  (120 minutes)

The horsepower may not be as loud … But the nostalgia of a threshing bee brings back fond memories of days gone by. And so it was on the Canadian Prairies when the Old Iron Club, based in Strathclair, Manitoba, brought together both machines and farm enthusiasts to demonstrate how the crop was harvested in the olden days. This two hour video is filled with the sights and sounds of binders and threshing machines powered by a variety of restored vintage tractors. And watch how the sheaves were made into stooks that were soon loaded by hand into wagons, some of which were pulled by a team of horses. Marvel at the stories told by the people we interviewed as they fondly recalled the fellowship of friends and neighbours at harvest time. A number of women dressed in period costume also lent their time by serving lunch in old time fashion to the workers. Old timers will reminisce and the young will find it hard to believe the amount of work involved. But that’s how the crop was brought in on the prairies.

2014-12-07 13.51.28HORSE POWER Farming Before Tractors  (125 minutes)

Get close and personal … with the teamsters who staged a wonderful demonstration of working with horses on the grounds of the Manitoba Agricultural Museum. See horse power in action … plowing, discing and many other farm chores down by horses. When it came to harvest time, watch the horse-drawn binder cut the crop followed by horse-drawn wagons being loaded with sheaves and then proceed to the threshing machine operated by a steam engine. Marvel at how a piece of raw steel is melted and transformed into a horse shoe during the Farrier competition. Learn about the Fort Ellice trail ride. Enjoy several interviews with the men and women who love working with horses and you will understand why horses are such an important part of their lives. Experience what farming was like before the use of tractors and gain an appreciation for the work accomplished by our prairie pioneers so many years ago.

My Antique Playground DVDMy Antique Playground  (120 minutes)

Perfection …. that is the word most often used when you hear someone comment on the superb workmanship and meticulous detail that Murray Johanson puts into any of his restoration projects. Over the years, Langruth Manitoba farmer Murray Johanson has restored various pieces of vintage farm equipment including several antique tractors such as the huge Rumely 30-60E and massive Case 110 steam engine, both of which are featured in this video. Each year after harvest Murray brings out his equipment and stages an impressive old-time demonstration of field plowing and threshing with steam power. With volunteer help from friends and relatives, the scene is a sight to behold. Stooks are gathered and fed into his rare Illinois wooden threshing machine. A variety of gas and steam engies are used to demonstrate field plowing. This video features an interview with Murray along with the sights and sounds of an amazing event that is both educational and truly nostalgic.


Winnipeg Light Agricultural Motor Competitions 1908 to 1913 “When Manitoba Set the Pace for Tractors” (77 minutes)

The Winnipeg Light Agricultural Motor Contests (commonly called the “Winnipeg Tractor Trials”) were on the cutting edge of the new technology of the tractor. These contests were the first effort to scientifically quantify factors, such as horsepower, fuel economy, ease of handling, etc, which were important to tractor operators. The Contests brought to Winnipeg farmers, tractor companies and interested observers, not only from Canada and the United States but from around the world.

The trials introduced the measurement of tractor performance with sophisticated measurement devices such as the recording dynamometer and de Prony Brake. They brought together designers, engineers, government officials and companies involved in tractor manufacture. From the data collected at the Trials, much was learned about what was working and what was not. The involvement of the Winnipeg Industrial Exhibition, the use of qualified and respected judges and scientific measurement equipment in the Trials removed tractors from the realm of hucksterism and aided materially in the development of the idea that tractors were the coming thing.

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