Hands-on Program for Schools

Come and experience the Manitoba Agricultural Museum’s Hands-on Program for schools.

The 2020 Hands-on Programs for schools will be announced soon.

2019 Hands-On Brochure

Time Travel – Mondays and Tuesdays 

Enter the year 1918, through a time machine built by the Museum’s professor, and visit six characters from the past.


– Watch the blacksmith heat up the forge
– Make candles in an 1879 log home
– write on slates in a one-room schoolhouse
– do laundry with a pioneer housewife
– barter for candy in the General Store
– and much more !

Bakers Bonanza – Wednesdays 

Get a taste of pioneer cooking


– prepare dough and bake bread in a pioneer stove
– measure and mix, cut and bake biscuits in a wood cookstove
– separate cream from milk by using a hand separator
– churn cream into butter and enjoy
– includes a tour

Harvest Helpers


– Watch a steam engine power up a threshing machine
– Watch a binder tie grain into sheaves
– Toss a sheaf up into the threshing machine and see the grain separate from the straw
– Learn to bundle sheaves into stooks


Let our tour guides help you experience life as it was during pioneer times.  Our Homesteaders’ Village has been “stuck in time” since the early 1900s.  It has Log Houses, Blacksmith Shop, Gristmill, General Store, Post Office, Train Station, Steam Engines and much more!

Barter for candy, stamp post cards, check out “Big Roy” as a part of your tour!

Programs available:

Time Travel: Mondays and Tuesdays

Bakers Bonanza: Wednesdays (includes a tour)

$8.00/student includes program and supplies.

Please ensure the students are dressed for outdoor activities.

Please bring cash or cheque for payment.

Also available

  • Hot dog roast including BBQ pit, fruit, and a drink. $5.00/student, please pre-book.
  • BBQ pit only $20.00 please pre-book.
  • Souvenir shop Open upon request.
  • Ice cream cones for $1.00
  • Playground and shaded picnic area.

Contact the Museum at 204-637-2354 or by email.

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