Rumely Oil Pull Model X Tractor

Rumely Type X

In 1928 Advance – Rumley  slightly modified and uprated the Light Weight series of tractors The Model M was transformed into the Model X. The Museum has Type X Oil Pull in the collection. The tractor possesses the serial number 1398 which indicates the tractor was built in 1928.

The Type X featured a two cylinder engine with 6 13/16 inch bore and 8 1/4 in stroke running at 725 rpm. Other than the increase in engine speed, most other details of the Model W remained identical to the Model L. One very noticeable difference however is that the coolant expansion tank was relocated to a location just above the radiator and in front of the exhaust stack. There was force feed lubrication to the engine combined with splash lubrication in the bottom of the crankcase. A Manzel lubricator fed oil to the force feed lubrication system. The engine was equipped with a DU4 Bosch magneto, Donaldson air cleaner and a Seccor-Higgins carburetor. The transmission offered 3 speeds ahead and one in reverse. Type X was rated at 25-40. Total weight of the Model X was 9,440 pounds.

For some reason, the later Model X tractors featured a smaller diameter flywheel than the initial Xs and the Model M.

The Museum possesses a Model M Oil Pull in the collection which was donated by the Murray Brothers of Lyleton, Manitoba and is equipped with a PTO. One can easily compare the two tractors and note the differences. Most noticeable, besides the location of the coolant expansion tank, is the size and shape of the flywheels with the X’s flywheel being much smaller in diameter with a much heavier rim.

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