Artifact History Request

Over the years many individuals and families have donated artifacts, ranging from tractors to washing machines, to the Manitoba Agricultural Museum as they recognized these artifacts helped interpret the story of agriculture in Manitoba and Western Canada. These artifacts were and remain important to the individuals and families who donated the artifact. The Manitoba Agricultural Museum recognizes that while we have the artifact in a physical sense, the Museum does not have the history behind these artifacts, the essence of what makes these artifacts so important to the donors. With the new website the Museum has the opportunity to present this history to the public and provide the public with a sense of the individuals and families behind the artifact.

If you are an individual or are a member of a family who has donated an artifact to the Museum, we would like to have any history behind this piece so we can post the information along with a photograph in the appropriate section of the website. We would very much like to have information such as:

  • a brief description of the piece,
  • the name of the family member who donated the piece,
  • where they farmed or lived,
  • when they purchased the artifact,
  • the history of the artifact while in the donors possession,
  • an electronic copy of any original documentation that your family may have,
  • an electronic copy of any photos you may have of the artifact working on the farm
  • any stories that you might know about the artifact. Note that we do not want any original documentation or photos, only scanned copies.

Please contact us prior to forwarding information.

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