Nilson Junior 15-30

The collection features a Nilson Junior 15-30 tractor donated by Orval Kendrick of Roblin, Manitoba.

The Nilson Farm Machine Company was formed in March 1913 at Minneapolis. Their first tractor, a three-wheeled design with a single rear drive wheel, was introduced in 1915 and became known as the Nilson “Senior” 20-40hp. In 1916 the firm, now known as the Nilson Tractor Company, moved its operations to Waukesha, Wisconsin. In 1917 the “Junior” model appeared. It was rated at 15-30hp and shared the same basic design as the “Senior”. Both tractors featured a 4 cylinder vertical engine with a three speed, sliding gear transmission, 2.5 and 5.5mph ahead with one reverse gear. An electric starter and lighting equipment was optional.

Both Senior and Junior models featured a three wheel drive. This was much along the lines as a Grey only instead of the drive drum being supported on the out board ends of the drum the drum was divided into three pieces by the tractors frame. Again with this arrangement no differential was needed however the turning circle of the tractor was negatively affected.

Both Junior and Senior Models were offered until the company ceased operations in 1929. However just how many were sold is debateable as both models today are quite rare tractors.

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