MacKinnon Law Office

IMG_7329This building is a replica of the MacKinnon Law Office which originally stood on Main Street in MacGregor. J. P. MacKinnon practiced law in MacGregor from 1908 to 1951.

The replica building was constructed in 1976 to house artifacts such as an extensive collection of law books, the secretary’s chair, original papers, bookcases, swivel chair and safe in addition to other small artifacts. The office in the Village is a close copy to the original, which in pioneer times in MacGregor had originally been the Merchants Bank. The moldings and woodwork are thought to be an accurate copy.

During this time there was always a need for lawyers; in the early years of development especially for land claims and all other land transactions.


There is no history for this particular barbershop. It is located in the upstarts of the replica MacKinnon Law Office building. It possesses the typical equipment of a local barbershop at the turn of the century. Barbershops were utilitarian businesses and could be located in stand alone buildings or share buildings with other businesses such as presented with this shop.

Barbershops were a common feature of Pioneer Manitoba and featured services somewhat beyond cutting hair such as providing hot shaves. Some barbershops branched into other activities such as providing billiard or pool tables or any other manner of businesses that lent themselves to being combined with a barbershop. Barbershops in the pre-TV and radio age were often the community hangout for men. In Pioneer Manitoba, a predominantly male society, the barbershop and the railway station would have been great places to congregate to talk to the other people passing through on business. Being warm in the winter was another plus as a hangout.

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