Fellows By-Law

Membership Bylaw Respecting Fellows

The Association may designate, as Fellows of the Association, persons who are or have been individual members of the Organization and who have contributed in a distinctive and singular fashion to the development and progress of The Manitoba Agricultural Museum Inc.

Such honoured members are elected for life. May use the letters F.M.A.M after their names, will have full voting privileges at the Annual meeting and a life membership in the Museum which includes an annual pass to the Museum, including the annual festival.

The number fellows at one time shall not exceed fifteen, but not necessarily reach this number.

Candidates may be proposed for Fellowship by any member of the Association in good standing.

When appointed to the Fellowship, such persons will receive a certificate or similar parchment type diploma.

When deceased, the names of such Fellows will be placed on a permanent Roll of Honour, which will be displayed on a plaque on the north west wall in the Centennial Building 

Appointment of Fellows

While any member of The Manitoba Agricultural Museum Inc. may propose a candidate, he/she must provide in writing all relevant supporting data on the nominee, such as their involvement in the Museum’s development and progress, donations and contributions, etc.

The application must be absolutely confidential (even to the proposed candidate) and be signed by the nominator and two sponsors, one of who must be a member of the Committee of Fellows.

The nomination must reach the Chairman of the Committee not later than July 15 each year.

The Chairman will provide the Fellows with copies of the dossier on the candidate in advance of a full meeting of the Committee at which time a decision will be made on a recommendation to the Museum Board of Directors. Said Directors will make the final appointment on the basis of the committee’s recommendations, after ascertaining the nominee’s willingness to accept this honour.

 Bylaw Respecting the Committee of Fellows

 The Committee of Fellows will consist of all Fellows of the Association.

Each year the appointed committee consisting of six people shall elect its own Chairman and may establish other officers and appoint sub-committees at its discretion.

The duties of the Committee shall be as follows 

    1. To receive nominations for Fellowship in The Association and to make recommendations to the Museum Board on the appointment of Fellows.
    2. To make recommendations to the Museum Board on other awards, which may be bestowed on members and non-members of the Association.
    3. To serve in any other capacity which the board of Directors and Fellows of the Association deem fitting.
    4. It is the responsibility of the Fellows association to update each year, if necessary, the Roll of Honour established to recognize the contributions of those who have passed on.
    5. The committee of six (3) present constitutes a quorum.

Term of Office

The position of chairperson of the Fellows Association will be a term of two years.

A chairperson may be elected for a second two year term, then following a lapse of one year, he or she may be re-elected.

The members of the Fellows Association will meet at least once a year, meeting to be held during the Threshermens Reunion. Contact will be made to all committee members to consider nominations for Fellowship, to update Roll of  Honour, and other related business.

Members wishing to nominate persons for Fellowship should, in accordance with the procedure outlined above, send names and all relevant supporting data to the Chairperson of the Fellows Association.

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