Welcome to Our New Website!

The Manitoba Agricultural is excited to launch its new visual identity and its new website!

In 2018, the Manitoba Agricultural Museum initiated a rebranding exercise and retained the services of Winnipeg-based company Relish. We received extensive feedback from our membership on how they see the museum and what it means to them, which significantly impacted our work.

The new brand direction for the Manitoba Agricultural Museum features an aesthetic that is meant to feel rural and rustic. The logo is inspired by machinery badges and the font family used across collateral are intentionally random, an homage to vintage marketing materials. The colour pallet focuses on natural earth tones and sky-toned blue. Photos are treated in a warm, vintage tone that standardizes their look and makes them appear more appropriate for the subject matter.

We also worked at redesigning our website, presenting an approach focused on the experience of a new visitor and highlighting the different areas of work of the museum, especially programming, special events, collections work and exhibits. 

The new brand materials will be implemented as we enter the season. We are confident that this new visual identity and website, in addition to our expanding social media support, will support our growth, broaden our audiences and engage new potential visitors from Manitoba and beyond.

Enjoy your experience on our new website!